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Wow monk bonus xp

You should use them in combination to generate and spend Chi.
Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish, just like Cenedril, Reflector of Hatred, has a very strong on-use effect, this time for AoE.
We recommend having a lot of these, and using them whenever you are traveling more than 250 yards.
Use this to vacuum up all your Gift of the Ox orbs at once, especially if they are far away.
Stops an enemy from acting, and will break on damage.Besides the utility provided by these four War Mode talents, other talent options have very limited PvE utility.Grants some dodge each time you are hit by a melee attack or cast Blackout Strike, which resets when you dodge an attack.These are our Legendary recommendations for leveling as a Windwalker Monk in Battle for Azeroth: The Sentinel's Eternal Refuge is an extremely potent bonus czystość mobility increase.Level 78: Mastery: Elusive Brawler.Ishkar's Felshield Emitter places a large shield on the target.You will also gain access to Zen Pilgrimage, which teleports you to the Kun-Lai Summit.It allows you to bring an ally back to life when outside of combat.

Move through these to get healed.
Goblin Glider Kit is very useful for covering long distances from high places.
This increases the amount of damage delayed by Stagger Staggered" damage).When leveling up, you should usually choose the piece of loot with the highest item video poker sounds level.With the first spell you place a spirit which you can switch positions with when you use transfer.Below is a ranking of both General PvP Talents and Mistweaver Monk-specific PvE talents.At Level 22, you unlock Detox, which allows you to remove poison and disease effects from a friendly target.Also increases Attack Power.Leveling 1-120 as a Windwalker Monk.1.To get yourself prepared for the end-game content ahead, we strongly recommend this Battle for Azeroth Raiding Lexicon/Spreadsheet by Medivh.Use Chi Wave off cooldown.Use Storm, Earth, and Fire to keep it on cooldown.

Azerite Gear Along with some general damage traits, Mistweaver also has access to a few Windwalker traits, which allow us to increase our damage slightly.
At level 100, after completing a scenario this will bring you to the Monk Class Hall instead.