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Set t8 druid 4t bonus

set t8 druid 4t bonus

Why wouldnt you want an increase in dmg?
P Rip already got upgraded.
Some encounters admintedly it works against you.Well, it is, but Blizzard seems to be aiming for bonuses that do not rely on single talents, so that they're not useless in your arbitrary fav.Resto Swiftmend cast on players with both Rejuv Regrowth HoTs will work on both HoTs.They should just be pointed toward the coldest pole on which to stick their tongue.Oh yea only cost like 321 Mana I think @ That would be SOO.It'd allow one more SF, or 2 with a little more luck with crits.Yeh im reviewing my rotations and swapping a point or two around in my spec to maximise.(Double Heal).

Not all rotations are the same as yours.
4 peice - I wouldnt mind seeing something for Rejuv or Wild Growth.
Reply With", 09:59 PM #18 Re: T8 Druid Set Bonuses Originally Posted by Mikki.
IS will never ever give 3 2 hit cuz u already have 3 hit debuff effect IFF.Reply With", 10:56 AM #2, deleted, re: T8 Druid Set Bonuses, feral - nice bonuses: 2p: Your mangle (bear) refreshes jak można grać w lotto przez internet the duration on your lacerate, and your mangle (cat) adds 3 seconds to your savage roar (up to a total of 9 extra seconds).Reply With", 04:22 PM #16 Re: T8 Druid Set Bonuses it would be nice, but i think too much stead i think that something like "Every finisher also grants 1 combo point" would be more balanced, what do you think?Reply With", 01:24 PM #10 Re: T8 Druid Set Bonuses Originally Posted by gdmanyak wrath used only 2 proc Eclipse so what 4 increase it's damage?Mage, Druid, DK Shaman, Reply With", 01:43 PM #13 Re: T8 Druid Set Bonuses Originally Posted by Mikki lmao.So after that u do a finish move and your 6th cp will then be at place 1 so u dont waste anything :P That would be cool.Reply With", 11:58 AM #6, re: T8 Druid Set Bonuses, originally Posted by PizzaBaggle 10pc - Your moonfire has a 1 chance to instantly kill the target yay mf spam ftw Reply With", 12:57 PM #7 Re: T8 Druid Set Bonuses Originally Posted by PizzaBaggle.Balance Moonfire DoT calivita bonus point gets 50 more SP Bonus against targets effect by Insect Swarm.Reply With", 11:04 AM #4, re: T8 Druid Set Bonuses, originally Posted.