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Range margin poker

So, this is how you create a range in tight position against tight players.
A good opponent will not call with many hands out of position - czy za dwie liczby w lotto jest wygrana they may have some high value hands in their calling range, but for the most part they will 4-bet or fold.
Most players fail to make the effort to figure out a hand range.
However this is a great spot to bet and jak obstawić lotto merge our range, taking advantage of the fact our opponent may call us with a bluffcatcher.
Like the deuces in the former example, our hand has about 40 equity so the situation is similar.Youd be going against AA the majority of the time.Hand combinations that beat you: Hand, combinations, aA 6 KK 6 QQ 6 Total 18 Hand combinations that you beat: Hand Combinations AK 16 AQ 16 Total 32 You beat 32 of your opponents hand combinations and the opponent beats you with 18 combinations.By merging our range here, our opponent is likely to look us up with weaker hands such as Ts, 7s and other pocket pairs.

A merged range comes into play when your opponent starts adjusting to your polarized range.
We shouldnt choose our hands only with regards to their absolute strength.
If the raise is lower than 3bb, our pot odds are even better.Generally speaking, we should always go against the tendency of the table.Even though you dont have a specific idea of what cards are in your opponents hand, a hand range gives you something to work with.Suddenly, we can start raising hands like KJ and QQ for value.A bluffcatcher is a hand which you wouldnt bet with, because they are not strong enough.Value(3bet MP vs EP).That call has an effect on blefes no poker how we proceed, of course.The turn is k, we check and our opponent checks behind.When we get to showdown were protecting our calling range for the future and were making it harder for our opponents to bluff.Related Reading: Post-Flop Play Now, having a raising range is not enough; we also need a plan for how to carry on after the flop. .AA99; AKsATs; AKoATo, if were dealing with a looser player, the range would rather look like this.Unlike games like chess or backgammon, poker is a game of incomplete information.Suited middle connectors on the other hand can turn into a monster and are rarely dominated. .We win the pot.