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Civ 6 adjacency bonus

civ 6 adjacency bonus

Citizens per district (1, citizens allows 1 Districts, 4 allow 2, 7 allow 3, etc.).
Campuses and, holy Sites alike receive special yield boosts from placement near.
1 Culture per 2 adjacent Districts.
Adjacency bonuses play a poker championship barcelona 2018 huge role in city planning.For example, if the average player has two Theater districts and you have none, building one will be 25 cheaper.For example, 1 point.Cost increases linearly up to 900 when all Techs or Civics are researched, whichever fraction is larger.Domestic trade: 1 International trade: 1 60 Production Aqueduct Does not require population.From Civilization VI Wiki, jump to: navigation, search, the, campus is one of the.Factories Power Plants can benefit every city within 6 tiles.Workshop Factory Power Plant 1 Great Engineer Point per turn.Lighthouse Shipyard Seaport 1 Great Admiral Point per turn Domestic trade: 1 International trade: 3 60 Production Holy Site 2 Faith per adjacent Natural Wonder.Districts are unlocked through.

By placing newly built districts adjacent to certain tiles, you can increase the output of that district.
Upset that Peters newest city claimed that mountain range you wanted to place your Campus district adjacent to?
Cannot be built on Hills.
Normal Theater Square effects, plus: Must be built on hills.
Notable exceptions to this rule are the Industrial Zone, which gets bonuses from improvements (although these arguably also depend on terrain!Tiles surrounding your, city Center so you can better make a decision about where to place your new district.Districts can't be built on revealed strategic resources With the exception of the City Center, district tiles cannot be worked for their terrain yield.Feudalism civic has been researched it will gain a 1 bonus.Aircraft capacity: 4 Hangar Airport None 60 Production Spaceport A District enables construction of city projects leading to the Science Victory.In some other cases, however, the improvement benefiting from the bonus cannot be placed next to another improvement of the same kind; this is the case with the Mekewap.Sometimes, even the placement itself is conditioned to a specific feature or resource (for example, France's Chateau has to be near a River, while Indonesia's Kampung has to be near a sea resource).

Adjacency bonuses apply regardless of which city or civilization owns the tile.
Yield is always at least 2,.
It plays into the heavy emphasis this game gives to terrain use and the planning of the new 'urban sprawl' in the form of districts and wonders being built out in the open terrain alongside tile improvements.