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Bonus power mass effect 2 vanguard

bonus power mass effect 2 vanguard

Lash can go through shields and barriers which is great for enemies like phantoms and marauders and can set enemies up for detonation but you gotta be really fast to set it off.
It does provide you with protection, but I've found it really doesn't matter if you are constantly moving and charging like.
They are not the casino province de liege same though.Personally, I oddly found the Engineer to be the easiest to play on Insanity.BarbaraRyl 3 years ago 0, thumbs up 0, thumbs down, comment.Aside from that layout, I've got some pro tips to add icing on the cake for anyone still playing ME3 and wants to be a Vanguard Beast.Since I got Stasis, I always take that one, Slam for me what just meh.That, and it imposes a rather irritating cool down period that's not really worth what it does.Pull is great because it can rip away guardian shields and leave enemies helpless to squad fire but it can also prime enemies for biotic explosions, which really fucks up anybody standing close.Best used to destroy large crowds and bosses before you zoom in to finish whatever happens to be left of them off.As for bonus powers I've experimented with a few: Warp ammo is great simply for the fact that it wholeheartedly supports the Vanguard, biotic soldier play style.Flare is the grand master of all offensive biotic abilities and so naturally it seems to go hand in hand with the Vanguard.So from these few skills I have listed you have the skeleton of my Vanguard style: Charge, roll awhile to avoid damage while cool down finishes( just a couple of seconds either use Nova ( which depletes shields do don't do it if there's.

The shield powers are a second choice always for Vanguard, because as stated above Charge recharges your shields, and the cooldowns for all the Shield powers takes away from Charge because of the long times.
If you do decide to play with your team in mind you can go for other bonus powers like Barrier.
The melee for Vanguards is outstanding and just screams powerhouse.It's easy to die as a Vanguard because you often get close, but you learn what to do, what not to do and when to do it if you pay attention.Lash is definitely fun, I've used it a bit but it makes pull feel redundant.I love that little thing.If you really want to make another class to play on Insanity, then look for a class centered around weapons.Soldiers and Infiltrators in particular are very effective in many different situations.Pull is better for setting up explosions.So you can pull someone, use a charge to set the explosion off and bring you in to apply the basic strategy laid out above or if you don't want to get the close and you are at mid range use a shockwave.The name of the game is movement.Or just get Liara to give your squad a portion of hers.Shockwave is fun to use because it can set off biotic explosions and go through walls, saving your health/shields and dealing some nice damage.Which makes your biotics much less destructive.Slam, neural shock, are quick and though longer CD Stasis locks down an enemy taking it out of the fight.Playing as an adept on higher difficulties becomes one of the most challenging classes to play.If you have Fitness upgraded right, you can deal whopping amounts of damage.

ME2 is quite well balanced, but the weaponcentric classes have the most power overall.
That being said, it still won't be easy.
The problem with the Adept on higher difficulties is the fact that every single enemy has defenses.