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Bonus do expa taern

bonus do expa taern

#2 #3 the bed after rubbing it down on some wet-and-dry stuck to a glass shop-shelf, and using a mixture of 30W monograde oil and WD-40 as the lubricant, followed up with a Norton aluminum oxide (orange-brown) stone (very fine) with a sparse sprinkling.
#157 Od : Za Atku Datum.
#2 #3 Using the same technique as I did with the tailstock handle (and actually the same piece of dowel) I made a new handle for my spindle wrench.
#2 Michael Gamber's Taig CNC Mill and Enclosure Mark Jenk's Taig CNC Mill Conversion Syvain Sauve's Taig Lathe with Leadscrew Modification co znaczy dzienny bonus diamond w msp bez chaka Sylvain's Taig Lathe with Leadscrew Modification The leadscrew, half-nut design and toolpost handle are from the Engineman's website.#2 The back of the bike lights.#158 Od : Avatar ( adamov komplekvin sindrom ) Datum.#2 Just a cool shot of the y-axis screw!#2 3/4-16 spindle for the Taig chucks made from a 2" 3/4-16 bolt.#192 Od : maca ( darki ) Datum.#178 Od : Zena Datum.#2 I needed some handwheels for the CNC mill so I could use it manually.#203 Od : Azra Datum.

#2 #3 Niels Jalling sent pics of the new Taig lathe crosslide screw adapted to an older lathe.
#2 The disc is finished to 10 thou., less than recess depth, the diam., is turned down until it seats in the recess and the clamped gap is about 1/16".
#170 Od : Avatar ( Za Lili ) Datum.
#163 Od : Pajp Datum.
#2 : Card Sharps.#186 Od : seher ( ) Datum.#191 Od : Zena Datum.#201 Od : Azra Datum.#2 mounted to the mill Dan Barry's Taig mill, "with the CNC mod, and a box I built for manual control of the stepper motors.#2 Scott Sutter sends pictures of the "Lane" variable speed motor for the Taig.#2 The handwheels are built up, not machined from single billets.#193 Od : Magla Datum.

#197 Od : Atko Datum.
#2 Radius Turning Tool #1210 and home made setting tool Setting Toolbit for correct radius with home made setting tool and feeler gauges.