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Bonus boarding school memories part 3

A friend who works in post-traumatic stress disorder warned us, quite gravely, of the risks when people visit poker romania versiune veche scenes of past troubles; of hyper-arousal sweats, nausea, high heart-rate.
Billy punished us all.
Only this time, the propaganda wasn't Enid Blyton's Malory Towers.
One Caldicott teacher, sacked in 1972, went on to teach and abuse at the.(About the same time, the independent schools for the first time became subject to full state inspection.) The Mail story talked of "horrific attacks" by two teachers in the early and mid-70s.For two decades there has been talk of an enormous abuse scandal brewing behind the facade of the 20th-century British private education system.Now when I meet men who were at the school I tend to check detail obsessively He was called what?(Wright has now been jailed for eight years, having been found guilty of 10 indecent assaults and two counts of gross indecency, between 19).What happened in school stayed in school.They were victims of a terrible fraud.So went my thinking.

That's been fine, too.
I thought particularly of the 45,000 under-10s in the UK who are in local authority care today.
Or a Michael Palin sketch?
But, as critics like to point out, this clutch of male ruling politicians embodies the grand Victorian public school virtues or failings more than most: suppression of emotion, devotion to the team, distrust of women and minimal empathy for the weak and ordinary.
There was talk of blackmail and predatory older pupils encouraged by abusive teachers.For convenience, or notions of status, or just because they did not love them enough, to taking a mad gamble with their children's emotional health, with their lives.What she wrote stripped away my reading and intellectualising, like so many useless bandages.The last time I set foot in the school was the day I left, aged.I'd thought that September day was the last of my bravery.